Outgro Newsletter DEC 2014


As much as a lot of the country has experienced some wild weather over the last 4 weeks and very average spring growing conditions, it appears all things considered it has been a good season as far as lambing and calving has been concerned.

It has been great to hear of some fantastic lambing percentages being achieved amongst many of you along with reasonable live weight gains as well.
It seems that the volatility we have been experiencing in the agricultural commodity markets is not about to change any time soon, with the recent decline in dairy commodities and the rapid rise in beef prices.

As part of Outgro’s dedication to assist our clients in maximising the productivity of their pasture at the best possible price, we have recently been in discussions with Metalform who make the “Tow and Fert” systems.

We are looking to be able to offer clients who have already purchased or are considering purchasing a Tow and Fert system, customised fertiliser blends based on your test results that can be applied at your leisure.

The Tow and Fert/Outgro offering will not only provide you the ability to gain improved utilisation of your nitrogen inputs but also provide the ability to include key trace elements to maximise plant growth, feed conversion and animal health and performance in a hassle-free low cost way. If this is something that is of interest to you please feel free to contact myself or Shaun.

To be able to offer those of you with hill country properties with the most cost effective option to get your required nutrients onto the ground, Outgro is currently working towards being able to offer our own range of ultra-fine particle prill’s. We see this as being a good option for those of you looking to increase soil pH or wanting to apply some capital P as with the prills they will be able to be applied be truck, helicopter or fixed wing plane at a reduced application cost.

I would like to take this opportunity to wish Euan Stratford all the best in his new role and extend a warm welcome to Paul Greene who has taken over as our pilot. Paul has a huge amount of ag experience. Many of you will already know Paul through his former involvement at Tararua Heliworks and previous relief work for Outgro.

Read our Summer 2014 Newsletter below or click here to download a PDF version.

Jim McMillan

Outgro Fertiliser