Our Products

Outgro Soil Revitaliser


The Outgro Soil Revitaliser is a broad-spectrum fertiliser including both macro (N-P-K-S) and micronutrients (Co-Se-I-Zn-Cu). This treatment uses a combination of foliar and root uptake to target soil, plant and animal health. This treatment is used most commonly on farms across dairy/sheep and beef/deer.

Outgro Bio-Calphos


This is a standard treatment targeting Phosphorus, Calcium and Sulphur. We use a high analysis Di-Calcic-Phosphate along with elemental sulphur.

Outgro Pasture Boost


This is a Nitrogen based foliar treatment containing both Ammonium Sulphate and Urea, plant growth promoters and soil biological stimulants. This can be mixed with most herbicides and pesticides, it is commonly applied with thistle spray and Porina spray.