About Outgro


Fine Particle


Outgro Fertiliser are Fine Particle Fertiliser specialists with years of experience
and can provide customisable options in both fluidised and solid forms.

Our unique manufacturing equipment and application partners allow us to
provide end to end service, if required, to the highest of standards.

We use products you know and trust and have qualified expertise to answer
your questions and provide recommendations specific to your requirements.
Our team are very personable and show genuine care in your farming
operation; we work with you.

Our focus is on contributing to the production of high quality farm outputs
in a sustainable manner and we thrive on seeing our clients exceed
their goals.

The team at Outgro are very passionate about the quality of the fertiliser treatments that leave our factory and the ingredients that go into making them.


We use suppliers that can provide us with products that carry recognised quality standard certification such as ‘Fertmark’, ‘ISO9001:2008’, ‘PRINCE GOLD’, ‘ACVM’ and provide detailed specs that each ingredient must meet. Only ingredients that meet these standards are considered and move on to our own testing which involves creating mini mixes to monitor compatibility, reactivity and water requirements.


This is then backed up with independent testing in a NZ laboratory to ensure consistent nutrient composition, particle size and identify any contaminants that may be present.


Quality and consistency are key from the recipe building stage within CDS through to our ability to accurately measure, dissolve, blend and filter the finished treatments.


We are constantly keeping an eye on new research, both in NZ and Internationally and are always on the lookout for better products that fit within our principles of supplying environmentally friendly fertiliser options.

It is a purpose built system that monitors all aspects of an Outgro® Fertiliser Program on your farm. As an Outgro® client you will be able to view your Outgro® Farm Plan and data by accessing our Computer Delivery System (CDS) which includes:


  • Treatments past and present
  • Application – Proof of Placement Maps
  • Herbage and soil test results
  • Field Data


Our Team

Shaun Parkes General Manager

Email: shaun@outgro.co.nz

Mobile: 027 555 6303

“Shaun’s background in fertiliser goes back to his family business which operated both Fixed Wing Aircraft (on the same site as Outgro!) and Ground Spreaders in Dannevirke. He’s been part of the Outgro team since 2011. Shaun lives in the Hawkes Bay with his wife and family. He strives to supply farmers with high quality fertiliser solutions ensuring a top quality service from start to finish”

Joshua Bongers (BAgSc) – Technical Field Consultant

Email: joshua@outgro.co.nz

Mobile: 027 555 6307

“Joshua has grown up in the Waikato taking part in multiple family farming enterprises. He joined the Outgro Fertiliser team in 2020 following two and a half years working for Norwood as a National Parts Development Representative and has previously completed a Bachelor of Agricultural Science with a major in Agriculture at Massey University in Palmerston North”

Penelope Drysdale (BAppSc -AgriBus) – Technical Field Consultant

Pohangina Valley/Tararua

Email: penelope@outgro.co.nz

Mobile: 027 555 6057

“Penelope and her husband own a dairy farm near Norsewood where they live with their young family, milking 300 cows. Penelope has a huge passion for the agricultural sector and enjoys the challenge of helping create more sustainable farming systems. She has been part of the Outgro team since 2012”

Juliet Baker (BSc – Evs/Ecg) – Technical Field Consultant   

Lower North Island

Email: juliet@outgro.co.nz

Mobile: 027 555 6014

“Juliet has grown up in the Manawatu as well as spending a lot of her time in the Wairarapa. She joined the Outgro Fertiliser team in 2019 following a year working and travelling in Canada and has previously completed a Bachelor of Science with a double major in Ecology and Environmental Science at Massey University in Palmerston North”

Craig Guy – Factory Manager

“Craig was born and bred in Dannevirke, he worked as textile dyer at Godfrey Hirst Carpets for 20 years before he came to manage the Outgro Factory. Craig has been part of the Outgro team since 2015”

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