Thinking About Improving Your Soil pH?

With the air strips drying out at this time of year, it is a great time to think about improving your pH, Outgro can offer Ultra-Fine Lime Prills.

The use of finely ground lime (limeflour) is popular in New Zealand and around the world but the physics and chemistry is often misunderstood. The expectation in soil science is that limeflour has a similar level of pH lifting
ability in the long term as the same weight of coarser AgLime. The clearest difference though is in the speed of
reaction and the significance of that is not just a matter of patience or even speed of return on investment. It comes
down to an impact on the soil solution calcium and pH levels in the short term rather than the whole soil pH effect
in the long term.

A small amount of limeflour provides temporary changes in the soil solution that can lead to long term benefits in the pasture. One aim is to boost clover establishment, clover nodulation and clover nitrogen fixation. A further aim is to provide a boost to biological activity that stimulates the decomposition of organic matter in the soil, improving
nutrient cycling. This can all lead to a pasture response and the setting up of conditions for improved pasture condition and productivity in the medium and long term.

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