Outgro Fertiliser – COVID-19 Update

Outgro Fertiliser – COVID-19 Update

Hi All

I have no doubt you have all received multiple messages from suppliers today regarding the rapidly evolving situation with COVID-19, so I will keep this short.

Primary Industries and those who supply them have been deemed an essential service under the COVID-19 lockdown restrictions. Ultimately this means that Outgro will continue to support our Farmers as and when required.

We have introduced changes in our workspace to further reduce the risk while still allowing the team to work in isolation. During this time we would ask that you contact us via either of our toll free numbers, which are 0800 OUTGRO and 0508 OUTGRO (688476), or continue to contact your Outgro Technical Field Consultant directly.

Given the extended dry conditions many of you are experiencing, we are receiving a large number of bookings for applications of our Pasture Boost Range to promote healthy covers heading into winter, and we ask that you contact the team now so as to get the greatest benefit when the rain does come.

At lot of the country is trying to come to terms with what being in isolation over the next 4 weeks means, but we understand that for a lot of you this is simply just another day on the farm. Regardless of this we ask that you all take extra care to protect yourselves and those around you. There is light at the end of the tunnel 😊

Stay Safe