Farm Feedback – Vern & Jenny Coxhead

Our farm looks completely different since using Outgro

Location: Opunake, Taranaki
Owners: Vern and Jenny Coxhead
Operation: Dairy
Property Size: 232 ha

Dairy farmers, Vern and his wife Jenny, run their 232 hectare farm at Opunake. In an effort to improve soil, pasture growth and the health of their herd, Vern had been using chemical fertilisers on their farm for several years but nothing was changing.

“We’d been using Urea since the late ‘80’s but by early 2000 we had a severe problem with compaction and our animal health was deteriorating. I started researching Urea and what I discovered convinced me it was the problem, so I began to look for an alternative.

“I saw the results other farmers I’d met were achieving since using Outgro. Now I’ve seen thousands of cows around the world but I’d never seen animals that looked as healthy as the ones I saw on the farms using the Outgro fertiliser system. I was a little hesitant about contacting Outgro initially and I deeply regret that, I should have contacted them straight away as it put me a year behind.”

Since using Outgro Vern is convinced it was the best decision he made and would recommend them to anyone. “I’m amazed just how much the farm has improved; the soils are more free draining and the plant rooting depth is far deeper. We’ve also noticed we now have good clover content, the pastures are great, even the animals seem happier and are producing much better, plus we are growing a lot more feed.”

Something else Vern has noticed is the pH level on the farm has increased, something he says, despite putting lime on the farm, seemed stuck at 5.9, now it is up to 6.15.

“The farm is looking better and better, we are growing more grass and there’s more ‘guts’ in the pasture. Our paddocks are about 2.2 to 2.8 hectares and we can now put the whole herd in a paddock for 24 hours. If you told me six months ago we would be able to do that I would have laughed at you.”

“The Outgro fertiliser system is a complete approach; it considers nutrients not only from a plant growth perspective but also to maximise on clover growth, nitrogen fixation and it supplies the cows with their trace element requirements through the pasture. The Outgro system makes our job easier; it is reducing our reliance on synthetic inputs and assisting us in gaining maximum productivity from our land.”

“I’m on the right track; and I know that I can rely on the team at Outgro to provide me with a professional, hassle free service. They have proven to me they have my best interests at heart and are not just trying to sell me fertiliser.”

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