Outgro listed as number eight NZ ‘green’ company

Outgro Fertiliser has been named number eight in the country for achieving commercial success while improving the environment. The company, which manufactures and applies tailor-made biological fertiliser treatments on farms across New Zealand, is said to be ‘delighted’ to have made it so far up the first ‘Green 50’ list, compiled by strategic research company New River.

It was Outgro’s innovation in field testing, treatment mixing and application methodology that ranked the company so highly according to Roger Parker, managing director of New River. The company’s pioneering approach allows farmers to reduce phosphorous run-off and nitrate leaching into waterways while increasing yields.
Last month the company also received CAA certification on customised spray gear for the first R66 helicopter to be used for crop and pasture spraying in New Zealand. This will offer farmers application efficiencies while eliminating wastage along boundaries and protecting watercourses and other sensitive areas. The company’s focus is on precision delivery of the right mix of nutrients according to Outgro CEO Jim McMillan, allowing farmers to work the land in a sustainable way without compromising on profitability.

The New River Green 50 list is the first of its kind in New Zealand and was developed from in-depth research that involved interviews with multiple managers in each of the 54 sectors of the economy. Over 150 companies with a product, service or technology that improves the environment were considered. Those where this represented over 50 per cent of their business were eligible to make the top 50 list. The companies were then ranked by a mixture of revenue and growth rate.