The Outgro Difference

Jim McMillan - CEO OutgroThe Core Purpose of Outgro® Fertiliser Ltd is;

  • To play a leading role in improving New Zealand’s agricultural industry through the delivery of biological soil and plant management solutions, thus revitalizing soil and plant ecosystems to significantly lift farming productivity, profitability and sustainability. And,
  • To improve the quality of food produced from New Zealand farms, through increased nutritional density, production integrity and traceability and ultimately make it available to all consumers here and overseas.
  • To enhance New Zealand’s image to the rest of the world as a 100% pure food producer.

“Biological Farming is a ‘best of both worlds’ mix between organic and conventional farming practices, involving careful monitoring of crops and soils to ensure production is of high quality.”
- Dr. Arden Anderson

What we believe;

  • That we have an obligation to assist NZ farmers in bringing their land back to good health.
  • That the scientific principles of biological farming, i.e. a combination of conventional and organic land management practices, are real and proven. By following these principles we believe;
  • That we can regenerate microbial life in most soils and bring mineral levels into a balanced state, both of which are ideal for beneficial plant and soil life to thrive and multiply.
  • That through this process, our soils and pastures over time, becomes naturally more weeds free and pest resistant (reducing the need synthetic pesticides).
  • That a revitalized, balanced and vibrant ‘soil and plant’ ecosystem requires significantly lower quantities of synthetic fertilisers to be maintained.
  • That therefore maintaining these ecosystems is not only more profitable but more sustainable on an environmental basis (particularly from reduced nutrient runoff or leaching into our water systems).
  • That plant’s actually develop deeper broader root systems in these balanced soil environments and consequently become significantly less prone to drought.
  • That Outgro® farms simply produce more from less than those conventionally managed.
  • That foods produced from Outgro® system farms are more nutritionally dense, than those grown by conventional or organic systems alone and that they are better tasting and better for our consumers.
  • That animals fed from biologically managed farms are bigger, have better birth rates and are healthier, requiring less veterinary care…. all of which improve farm profits.
  • Through these beliefs we are motivated to make a real difference in people’s lives, not just farmers but consumers too.

We at Outgro® feel that NZ Farmers as food producers have a tremendous opportunity moving forward, and have the opportunity to lead the world in adopting more sustainable farming practices. We have a five year plan that will see Outgro® as the leading nationwide partner for farmers wanting to …..’bring their farms back to life’.

We have the farmers and their quantified farm improvements, from having adopted biological management practices that show…’ healthy soil leads to healthy pasture and healthy stock and a healthy bottom line’.

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