New Fluidised Blend Phosphate Launched

New Zealand’s own Outgro founder and chief executive officer Jim McMillan has developed a new product formulated to improve farmland productivity while minimising negative impacts on the environment. Bio-Calphos, a fluidised blend of finely ground soft rock phosphate and aglime complemented with a rapid release form of phosphate, is one of the new Outgro® range of fertiliser products. Elements of the product are sourced from New Zealand and the world.

The new product builds on consistent customer feedback since 2008. Outgro® Bio-Calphos provides for a faster nutrient uptake plus increased nutrient cycling. There is deeper root penetration, a boost to soil solution pH resulting in good soil biological activity.

Bio-Calphos provides an increased element availability, improves clover levels and pasture species.

There is a reduced thatch whilst improving pasture mineral quality, increasing effective grazing areas and the application is efficient and targeted.

All of these lead to Bio-Calphos having a minimum impact on the environment and fits in with the company’s mission to assist farmers to improve the sustainability and profitability of their land while increasing the nutritional value of food produced.

“Our new range of products are a great introduction for farmers to the Outgro® system,” Outgro sales manager Paul France said. “This targets farmers who use common chemical fertilisers and not quite ready to go fully into biological farming. This is a step into it,” senior field consultant Corey Martin said.

Pointing to a recently written article on biological farming, Corey said productive soil contained a balance of inorganic minerals, organic materials and living organisms and was able to absorb and retain water to help the natural chemical reactions which fed plants on-demand.

“The results are pretty instant,” Corey said. “Once farmers have seen the results of the treatment we hope to show them the bene- fits of a comprehensive and cost efficient biological farming system.”

Rather than promoting chemi- cal warfare on paddocks, farmers using biological farming methods will see a reduction in pests, weeds and disease along with the production of nutrient-dense foods in a way that improves the soil.

Corey said since 1940, many food mineral values had declined between 30 and 60 per cent; how- ever, regenerative farming practices resulted in soils that put these values back into food. “Anecdotally, this is the missing link of why people, animal and plant health have declined over time,” Corey said.

To this end, Outgro® has created a one-stop shop for farmers. All they have to do is contact Outgro® have a conversation with a field consultant like Corey to get more information about how they can get Bio-Calphos applied on their paddocks by experienced applicators using the latest technology in spray equipment and GPS systems.

“The consultants are the experts to walk the farmer through what they need,” said Paul. Outgro® is located in Dannevirke and Invercargill with two more branches coming this year: by March in the Waikato and by mid- year in Christchurch.

Download a Bio-Calphos Flyer >>