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Mark & Rae Kilgour. Lagoon Hill Station, Martinborough

Eight kilometers off the Coromandel Peninsula lies a picturesque farm encompassing the 2000ha Great Mercury Island. The island is what remains of an ancient volcano and is now mostly covered by pine forest, with only 550ha grazed by sheep and cattle.

Until a year ago Mark Kilgour was the manager on the Mercury Island farm. The island farm has been under the same ownership for nearly 35 years, with a long history of superphosphate use. One of the owners, Sir Michael Fay, and Mark had always assumed that the farm’s low lambing percentages, high facial eczema, shallow root depths, lack of clover and poor sward Continue reading…

Moar Farm Benefits

Driving up the scenic Pohangina Valley property, near Ashhurst, a narrow road frontage disguises a 270ha hidden gem. Garry Moar and his wife Raewyn, an ex-MAF technician, farm deer and cattle on the property which extends 4.5 km up into the foot of the Ruahine Ranges.

The block was purchased in 1997, and they embarked on a heavy DAP regime for 11 years. “When we first started putting on the DAP (125kg/ha), it just blew grass out of the ground, then 10 years later we were putting on 200 and getting no response, so I asked the fert rep, ‘what do I do?’ and he said ‘put more on!’.” Continue reading…

Incline Farm Pasture Rated a “Dam Good 10/10”

A recent article published in the dominion post (May 19th) written by New Zealand’s 2011 agricultural journalist of the year “John Morgan” had one of New Zealand’s leading soil scientists rating Outgro’s founding farm pasture quality a damn good 10/10. Dr Doug Edmeads wasn’t very willing to attribute the success of the Inclines pasture quality to Outgro, saying “it is illogical to attribute the current success of this farm to biological practices applied in the last few years.” Continue reading…

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