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Case Study Foliar Application of Fertiliser.

A case study demonstrating that foliar application of fertiliser is an ideal method for boosting plant growth, correcting nutrient deficiencies and improving crop returns.

Foliar application of fertiliser is a method of supplying plant nutrients directly to plants by spraying water-dissolved fertilisers directly onto leaves to support the growth and production of plants. It is a complementary method of fertiliser application and is not considered as a complete substitution for supplying essential nutrients required by the crop through soil application of fertilisers. The applied nutrients are readily absorbed by leaves. If moisture of the applied fertiliser is lost, nutrient uptake is temporarily discontinued. However, at night, the dew re-dissolves the fertiliser and uptake of nutrient is renewed. The mechanism of foliar uptake of nutrients involves its penetration (mainly passive diffusion) through cuticle or stomata and translocation of the absorbed ions through vascular channels (phloem, xylem) from the leaves to the active plant system. Continue reading…

Outgro Fertiliser March Update

In-case you missed our March Update, the email newsletter content is below;

Outgro Fertiliser March Update

Welcome to our first Outgro News for 2014.

It was good to see many of our Southland clients at the Waimumu Field Days in Gore mid February. Thank you to our South Island Consultants Olivia and Guy for their organisation of our stand at this event. Continue reading…

Winners of the Outgro Tararua Sheep & Beef Farmer of the Year Awards

We would like to congratulate Shaun & Tracie Baxter, winners of the Outgro Tararua Sheep & Beef Farmer of the Year Awards.

Outgro’s mission is to improve the productivity of your land while not only preserving, but enhancing the environment.

If you have any questions about Outgro and how we can help, please contact us. Continue reading…

Measurable Success from Biological Programme

A new independent study highlights the longer term potential benefits to agriculture through a focus on soil health. Florent Cotton, a fourth year student from the French agricultural university of Esitpa spent five months in New Zealand studying the OUTGRO system, factoring in all three aspects of the soil (chemical, physical and biological). Continue reading…

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