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Outgro Newsletter DEC 2014


As much as a lot of the country has experienced some wild weather over the last 4 weeks and very average spring growing conditions, it appears all things considered it has been a good season as far as lambing and calving has been concerned.

It has been great to hear of some fantastic lambing percentages being achieved amongst many of you along with reasonable live weight gains as well.
It seems that the volatility we have been experiencing in the agricultural commodity markets is not about to change any time soon, with the recent decline in dairy commodities and the rapid rise in beef prices.

As part of Outgro’s dedication to assist our clients in maximising the productivity of their pasture at the best possible price, we have recently been in discussions with Metalform who make the “Tow and Fert” systems.

We are looking to be able to offer clients who have already purchased or are considering purchasing a Tow and Fert system, customised fertiliser blends based on your test results that can be applied at your leisure. Continue reading…

Spring 2014 Outgro Newsletter

A word from Jim

As we continue to focus on improving the productivity of your farming operations, the first thing that comes to mind for most people is I need to grow more grass; and this is true to a point but is also very reliant on temperature and moisture which for most of you is outside your control. Also generally speaking you don’t get paid for grass but for the protein and fibre you produce, so is this not the most important metric we should be measuring regarding productivity gains?

This is an area Outgro has been focusing a lot of attention in recently and our initial findings have been indicating that some of the largest productivity gains can be achieved through improving feed conversion rates which will have an impact on improving profitability. As much as we all know there are numerous factors that can influence feed conversion efficiency, including breed and sex of livestock, the key area we have been investigating is the nutritional composition, including trace elements, of a particular pasture or crop relative to dry matter intake and live weight gains and or milk production achieved. Continue reading…

Nutrition is the Key

Balanced nutrition is vital for supplying energy and improving feed conversion efficiency for profitable sheep and beef production.

Proper mineral nutrition contributes to a strong immune system, reproductive success, improved milk production and calf/ lamb growth.

Have you got balanced feed for a profitable sheep & beef production?

Worldwide the predominant feed for sheep production is “pasture & forage,” and the productivity/quality of the pasture, rangeland, and forage crop can influence success of sheep production (Chiba, 2014). Soil fertility is an important factor in maintaining the yield and quality of pasture / forage and it is often achieved through the input of nutrients to support healthy plant growth. Most of the essential nutrients are supplied naturally to the plant by the soil, but all nutrients are not always available to plants at the right proportion. So it is necessary to supply nutrients and improve the nutrient density in plants through an application of manure, chemical fertiliser, or by seeding legumes to fix nitrogen. Continue reading…

Outgro Winter Update

I hope you have enjoyed some good growth over the autumn with some favourable growing conditions over most of the country.

I would like to congratulate Shaun and Tracey Baxter; winners of the 2014 Outgro Tararua Sheep and Beef Farmer of the Year. The Baxter’s farming operation is a great example showing that high levels of productivity and profitability can be achieved whilst using an alternative fertiliser regime.

It was good to hear that some of you caught up with Donell Hole and Jess Morrison, two of our consultants who attended the Mystery Creek Field Days. My team and I decided not to exhibit at this year’s event. Our focus is on delivering the best service and results possible to our existing clients. Continue reading…

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