Improving your farms output

Improving your farms output from the soil up through custom fertiliser treatments

What is the Outgro System?

> A sustainable, profitable, biological fertiliser programme that improves soil health, pasture quality and productivity, stock health and performance
> A data-driven custom programme for each farm, that identifies, rebalances and monitors specific nutrient deficiencies – to maintain soil and foliage at full productivity
> The responsible use of fertiliser – applying the exact amount of each deficient nutrient, where and when it is needed, in its most easily absorbed form
> An innovative approach refined by more than 2,500 sets of independently conducted on-farm tests

How Does it Work?

> GPS field mapping and data from over 100 physical, chemical and biological tests is used to locate and measure specific farm soil and animal diet deficiencies.
> Each farm’s data is stored in a secure custom- designed online programme available to the farmer 24/7. The data is presented in more than 70 trending graphs that allows the farmer to track year-on-year improvements in soil and stock health.
> Trained Outgro consultants review the farm data before every fertiliser treatment, identify the most limiting factors for production and prescribe a tailor- made treatment > Raw materials are fine ground into 5 micron particles – the optimal size for plant uptake – and are custom-mixed and suspended in a mixture of sea and fresh water
> Custom-designed Outgro tankers deliver fluidised fertiliser treatments that contain 100% of the solid elements needed to bring farm soil to full health and productivity.
> The latest GPS guidance systems are used to guide Outgro ground spray units and helicopters, avoiding any wastage on unproductive land
> Use of custom-made pneumatic pinch valves means that the full treatment is applied accurately, giving farmers traceability of spray coverage and quantity applied.

The Results

> Reduction of artificial N, P, K inputs over time while maintaining or increasing production output
> Reduced weed, pest and disease pressure giving rise to fewer chemical inputs.
> A more diverse, deep-rooted, drought-resistant pasture, increased worm counts, increased organic matter and more friable soil > Measurable improvements in stock and crop health
> Increased stocking rates, livestock weight gain and milk solids production.

The Cost

The Outgro programme is designed to get maximum value in production gains from every dollar invested. The programme cost is comparable with an annual spend using solid fertiliser.

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