Farm Feedback – Tony Zonneveld

Dairy farmer has no doubts about Outgro

Location: Edendale, Southland
Owners: Tony and Denise Zonneveld
Operation: 205 ha Milking Platform milking 630cows+55harunoff+23hacrop
Target Production: 2013/14 – 240,000 m/s

Tony Zonneveld has no doubts that changing to Outgro and their fertiliser programme was one of the best moves he made.

A dairy farmer, Tony and his wife Denise run 600 cows plus young stock on their 235 hectare farm at Wyndham, as well as growing chow crops on an adjoining 55 hectare property they own.

Looking for an alternative to traditional chemical fertilisers, Tony says he heard of Outgro through someone already using their services, who described the amazing difference it had made to their property. That was enough to convince Tony to contact them. Since using Outgro himself Tony says he has been impressed with the results he is seeing.

“They are growing like pine trees, I can’t put the electric fence up because by the time I get to the end of the crop they are towering over my head.

“I’m very impressed with the results and we have now begun using Outgro on the dairy farm as well to improve pasture.”

While it’s only the first year using Outgro on the milking platform, Tony says he is already noticing a marked improvement and definite changes.

“Today, for example, when we pull out any ragwort weed we can see the ground is full of worms, they are really active in the soil, something they weren’t before.

“Since using Outgro’s fertiliser programme we are now getting the plant life and root system established and seeing the benefits.

“I’d recommend Outgro to anyone. You may not get an instant reaction but you will get the benefits as well as value for money.”

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