Farm Feedback – Aiden Wards

Taranaki farmer sees results with Outgro

Location: Kaponga, Taranaki
Owners: Aiden and Jody Wards
Operation: 79ha Milking Platform milking 224 cows
Target Production: 2013/14 season 86,000 ks m/s

Taranaki dairy farmer Aiden Wards has no hesitation recommending Outgro and their fertiliser programme, after seeing the results on his own farm at Kaponga.

Concerned about the amount of Urea he was using on his 100 hectare (90 effective) property, Aiden and Jody had begun reading a lot about biological fertiliser. He was already aware that it was considered more sustainable and better for animal health when he approached Outgro at the Field Days three years ago.

“I’d been concerned for some time about what I was doing. I was putting on more and more Urea, but the soil wasn’t any good, there were less worms and I was having a high empty rate with the cows.” Aiden feels the increase in his clover content has been reducing the requirement for him to apply as much urea as prior to using Outgro he was applyingaround180unitsperyearandnowthat level has reduced to 80 units in 2012/13 season and forecasting to use less again this season.

Aiden used to include Selenium prills with his solid fertiliser, but was concerned about the lack of selenium the cows were actually getting, describing it as a ‘lucky dip’ if they got much at all. Selenium is required at very low levels which makes it very ineffective to try and distribute evenly across the pasture sward under a solid fertiliser regime “trying to spread 1kg of Selenium prills across 10,000 square meters”.

Outgro’s fluidised fertiliser approach has proven to be an extremely effective way of being able to elevate essential trace elements across the pasture sward with every blade of grass getting its equal share of every element.

“Before using Outgro I was having to B12 my cows before spring and having to add Selenium because their bloods were telling me they weren’t getting enough. Now my vet is telling me their bloods are really good and the cows are being provided with all the trace elements they require through the pasture.”

Aiden believes the increased nutritional value of his pasture has contributed to the dramatic improvement of the reproductive system of his cows with his empty rate reducing from a high of 16% in 2008 to 4% in 2012 and the need for CIDR’s has almost been eliminated.

“When we had the drought here people commented our place was greener than anyone else’s.”

“I’ve been recommending them to other people for some time. I think Outgro is making a huge difference and everything is going really well.”

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