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Spring 2014 Outgro Newsletter

A word from Jim As we continue to focus on improving the productivity of your farming operations, the first thing that comes to mind for most people is I need to grow more grass; and this is true to a point but is also very reliant on temperature and moisture which for most of you [...]

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Measurable Success from Biological Programme

A new independent study highlights the longer term potential benefits to agriculture through a focus on soil health. Florent Cotton, a fourth year student from the French agricultural university of Esitpa spent five months in New Zealand studying the OUTGRO system, factoring in all three aspects of the soil (chemical, physical and biological).

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Influence of Outgro Soil Revitaliser Report

This research report is the result of five months of study in the Outgro company, a young firm that is booming across New Zealand. This report is not only the result of my own efforts, but also some people I would like to thank.

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Outgro invites you to attend an on-farm Field Day

  Outgro invites you to attend an informative on-farm field day at Steve Horgans, 982 Waihau Road, RD6 Patoka, Napier, on Monday 26th November. A Practical Approach to Profitable Hill Country Farming Profitability & Sustainability working hand-in-hand

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