Grow Your Profits With Food The World Wants


For the latest on nutrient-dense biological agriculture and how healthy soils make economic and environmental sense.

This two-day course provides practical applications, New Zealand success stories, and a clear demonstration of how you can create nutrient-dense food and contribute to sound human health, all for a price premium.

Farmers and growers will learn about basic mineralisation correlated to plant health; the importance of soil microbial communities, how to read a paddock for what weeds tell us about mineral balance; how to benefit from foliar nutritional sprays; and how pasture / crop brix correlates directly to profit.

Topics covered include:

  • Principles of plant growth and development
  • Reams principles and why they’re so important to understand
  • Calcium and its many roles in plant health and production
  • Climatic plant stress and planning for next year
  • Field monitoring and its significance
  • Plant nutrition update
  • Nutrients and their functions
  • The ‘birds and bees’ of plant management
  • The total farm plan for sustainable farming

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