About Outgro Fertiliser Limited

Outgro® was established in 2008 to meet a growing demand for sustainable, profitable and biological programmes to improve soil health, soil productivity, pasture quality and stock performance.

We manufacture, deliver and apply a complete range of tailor-made, biologically friendly treatments to the agricultural and horticultural sectors. Our services include full, no obligation, onsite assessments combined with sophisticated delivery, application and traceability systems. We work with farmers to develop a comprehensive farm plan that meets your budget so that you see results dollar for dollar.

“Outgro® is a leader in the field of supplying sustainable and profitable fertiliser programmes to New Zealand farmers. Their innovation is second to none with their unique engineering solutions for the milling, mixing, storage, transport and application of their tailor made fertiliser treatments. Outgro® has also developed a comprehensive web based computer delivery system (CDS) to provide their clients with 24 hour access to all information regarding their farm plans, which provides full traceability.”

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